Trade habits in Brazil: what not to do IBSolutions
Trade habits in Brazil:  What Not To Do

Certain attitudes should be avoided, as they could affect the client’s view of the company and jeopardize the business deal:

  • Failing to respond immediately to client emails;
  • Pledging to export in excess of the company’s true production capacity;
  • Adjusting the price following formal submission of the Pro Forma Invoice;
  • Failing to send the promised product samples;
  • Unilaterally modifying the agreed payment form;
  • Imposing Incoterms not accepted by the client;
  • Shipping goods of lesser quality than guaranteed;
  • Failing to deliver required documents in a timely fashion;
  • Failing to provide explanations for discrepancies in required documentation;
  • Neglecting to invite the client to visit one’s country and company;
  • Putting forth negative views of one’s country or of Brazil;
  • Failing to implement product modifications requested by the client;
  • Refusing to collaborate in cases of insurance compensation;
  • Insinuating the possibility of default if payment is not executed through a letter of credit;
  • Insisting on advance payment due to a lack of trust;
  • Announcing contracting of a credit insurance policy, suggesting a lack of trust;
  • Criticizing Brazilian customs procedures;
  • Declaring a dislike for the Portuguese language;
  • Commenting that Brazil’s major cities are chaotic;
  • Criticizing Brazilian food;
  • Demonstrating exaggerated fear with respect to urban crime in Brazil;
  • Excessively praising one’s country, particularly through comparisons to Brazil.


Source: Funcex

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