11 de junho de 2018

Import Logistics – Part I

Maritime shipping is the most common modality for importing goods into Brazil, including those originating in neighboring states of South America.
11 de junho de 2018

Trade Practices

Brazilian importers generally conduct in-depth research on suppliers throughout the global market.
11 de junho de 2018

Advertising and marketing in Brazil

A number of advertising, trade promotion, and marketing channels aimed at specific target markets across every region of Brazil are available to foreign exporters.
11 de junho de 2018

Organizing and structuring trade to Brazil

Despite its unique features and characteristics, exporting to Brazil involves the same basic procedures required to export to any other country.
11 de junho de 2018

The demand for locally produced x imported goods

Recently, Brazil completed 25 years of market opening. As a consequence, consolidation of an “import culture” is still a work in progress for companies and individual consumers alike.
11 de junho de 2018

Brazilian consumer market

The Brazilian consumer market has experienced a significant shift since the late 1990s due to a series of economic advances and changes.
8 de junho de 2018

Distribution Channels – Part II

Exporters may opt to secure independent professional services or companies to act as their commercial representatives in Brazil, compensating them through commissions based on sales volumes.
8 de junho de 2018

Distribution Channels – Part I

Exporters have four options for placing their products on the Brazilian market, depending on their business interests and local demand.
30 de maio de 2018

A alta do dólar e o impacto positivo na importação direta

Como empresa de consultoria e gestão de importação, nunca recebemos tantas demandas de importação direta quando comparado ao momento em que o dólar estava acima de 4 reais.